Home cleaning products you should have on hand

Nobody can work without the tools of their trade. When talking home cleaning, cleaning products are far more important than using the correct mop – they’re what makes the difference between a squeaky-clean environment and one that isn’t all that pleasant to be in.

Aside from efficiency, health is also an important consideration to make when choosing your home cleaner: the wrong substance can lower the overall health of everyone in the house and even cause sickness.

To help you navigate through the countless cleaning products available on the market, here’s a list of some of the best and safest to use.

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers: No matter how many people live under your roof, you’ve probably had your share of dealing with stains and marks that can’t seem to go off (not without damaging the surface they’re on, at least). This product will let you remove a variety of stains from walls, furniture and floors without risking the integrity of the surface – all but the most hardcore stains will perish after a single light scrubbing.

Windex: In order to keep your windows clean without damaging their gloss and see-through visibility, you’ll need the right glass-cleaning product – Windex fits the bill perfectly. This solution has been around for a while – the fact that it’s still being used plenty with so much competition out there says something about its efficiency and reliability. Conveniently enough, Windex can be used to clean not only windows but other glossy industrial surfaces as well.

Stainless Steel Magic: The very same composition that prevents stainless steel from gathering rust can make it a nightmare to clean – when it does catch a stain, it threatens to stick around a lot longer than you’d like. Stainless Steel Magic will clean your steel surfaces in a single session without damaging them even when talking older steel whose surface could be somewhat compromised.

Clorox Clean-Up: Like death and taxes, grime accumulation in our homes is one of those things we just can’t avoid. Since grime often collects on sensitive areas like kitchen sinks, we can’t use any old cleaner to clean it as doing so could be detrimental to our health. Enter Clorox Clean-Up: acting as a milder version of bleach while packing every bit of the punch, Clorox will not only eliminate grime but will also kill any bacteria that chose to feast on it, leaving behind a clean surface that’s safe to place food on.

Lysol Cling: The toilet is known for perhaps being the most bacteria-ridden object in a person’s home. Cleaning it properly can be difficult since plenty of bacteria refuse to give up without a fight. Well, Lysol Cling promises to take the fight to them – simply pour it evenly on your toilet and enjoy a bacteria-free bathroom environment (for best results, you can throw in a bit of scrubbing as well). Lysol can also be diluted with water and used to clean bathroom floors and similar dirty areas, but be warned: the cleaner is quite strong and can cause a negative reaction, especially when coming into contact with other products of the same type.