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3 great home air purifiers

One can never have too much clean air in the home or office. If you’re dealing with frequent shortness of breath, coughing, general breathing difficulties or a plain old bad smell in one or multiple rooms, consider investing in an air purifier.

These devices are a simple and effective way of removing all the bad stuff from the air in your home regardless of the state of your ventilation system. Great as they are, there are plenty of models out there that promise to do more than their capabilities allow. To avoid making any regretful purchases, here are 3 great home air purifiers that you can always count on for clean air.

Home air purifiers reviewed

Honeywell 50250: If you have chronic breathing difficulties or respiratory ailments, this is probably the purifier for you. Honeywell’s 50250 boasts a powerful HEPA filter that not only deals with dust and smells but also removes every last allergen that could be giving you trouble – no matter what you’re allergic to, the 50250 will eliminate it from your home in no time. The same goes for asthma: if the air around your home is aggravating your asthmatic symptoms, 50250 can be of great help no matter the room it ends up in. Indeed, the HEPA purifier’s range is so large that it can be placed in virtually any room in the house and accomplish the same results, although you’ll want to keep the doors around the home open for maximum effect. The same goes for room placement: since it releases air in a 360-degree capacity as opposed to a straight burst, it can be placed in any part of the room including next to walls and even in enclosed spaces. All in all, it’s a great purifier that’s sure to make your home feel more pleasant.

IQAir HealthPro Plus: While most decent air purifiers have some ability to deal with smells, IQAir’s HealthPro Plus really excels at it. We’ve all been to homes that just can’t seem to get rid of a foul smell be it from pet waste, cooking residue or something less discernible – if your home falls in this unfortunate category, the HealthPro Plus will have you covered and will let you invite as many people over as you’d like without ever feeling uncomfortable because of bad odor. For what it accomplishes, HealthPro Plus has some amazing energy efficiency to it – it’s not likely to rack up the electricity bill even if you leave it running all day and night. Speaking of nighttime, the purifier is quiet enough to leave running in rooms adjacent to the bedroom or even the bedroom itself if it isn’t purifying at full capacity.

Austin Health Mate HM450: We mentioned bad smells, didn’t we? Well, few things can stink up a home as quickly and as permanently as constant indoor smoking. If you can’t help but light cigarettes inside your home, Austin’s HM450 promises to deal with smoke in a way like very few other air purifiers can – regardless of whether you’re smoking a couple of cigs or a couple of packs a day, the HM450 is a great thing to have. Add to this the decent noise management and a slick all-black appearance that won’t ruin your home’s decor and it’s clear why the HM450 is one of the top choices for lovers of fresh air.